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Thursday, 7 March 2024
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Annertech, BigO and National Library of Ireland receive award at The Spiders 2024

Annertech and BigO were awarded with the Grand Prix prize at this year's Spiders Awards for their work on the National Library of Ireland website. To mark the occasion, we're looking back through the years to see how our website has evolved.

At The Spider Awards ceremony on Friday, March 1st 2024, Annertech and bigO, along with the Communications and Development team at the NLI, were honoured with the Grand Prix Award for their outstanding work on our new website, which marked its one-year anniversary today. The project also received the Best in Universal Design award, highlighting the dedication to ensuring our website is user-friendly and accessible to all.

With over a million annual page views, our website serves as the primary gateway for the public to access information about the NLI. Over the past two years, the website has undergone several refinements to meet the highest standards and comply with the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, mandated for the public sector.

Notable features of the new website include an integrated search function covering both the catalogue and the entire website, a user-friendly events calendar with search filters, and a News & Stories section consolidating archived blogs. The website is bilingual.

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The NLI website over the years

Throughout the years, the National Library of Ireland website has undergone several transformations, each presenting the Library's diverse offerings in a number of ways.

The most recent rebrand, crafted almost 15 years ago by Creative Inc, introduced the distinctive teal and green colour scheme. The logo drew inspiration from the shapes and colours present in the architecture of the main Reading Room.

See below for a glimpse at how the National Library of Ireland website evolved and changed through the years.

In addition to The Spider Awards, the NLI website has also been awarded:

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