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A view of the four courts

Pettyfoggers and Vipers
by Sean Smith, Researcher at our "Palace to Procrastination" Lawyers and the legal profession, where would we be without them? If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have Dickens’ Bleak House and...

Robert Boyle, engraving by F.M. La Cave, ca. 1753. NLI ref. EP BOYL-RO (2) I

Do not try this at home
by Aoife O Connor, co-curator of Particles of the Past exhibition In deciding what to put into our Discover: Particles of the Past exhibition for Dublin City of Science 2012, Robert Boyle was top of...

The book cover

Always judge a book by its cover
by Elodie Leveque & Louise O'Connor, Conservation Conservators love knowing how a book was put together, and recently, we had the opportunity to examine a very interesting item. Despite being in...

The British and Colonial Druggist, January 1889 to December 1892, in all its beautifully bound glory... NLI Ref. 1K 2182

The British and Colonial Druggist
by Inez J Fletcher, Cataloguer & Director of Irish ISSN Centre The British and Colonial Druggist, January 1889 to December 1892, in all its beautifully bound glory... It's on our shelves at call...

Opera Philosophica by Descartes, 1664 (J 1941)

The Clean Sweep - It's the Final Countdown!
by Nikki Ralston, Conservation Back in July 2011, I posted a short blog introducing The Clean Sweep, a preservation project aiming to clean and box our rare book collections. We have now started the...

An Incubus drawn in Historia Naturali, NLI call no. J.5908.PLI

The Art of Scribbling
by Giada Gelli, Preservation Assistant We have all done some scribbling on copies, books, magazines and whatnot at some stage in our lives. There is nothing more pleasant than evading the realms of...

Misadventures at Margate, a Legend of Jarvis's Jetty

Don't link yourself with vulgar folks
by Fiona Noonan, Preservation Assistant We are all drawn to books for different reasons - Stories, Authors, Illustrations and Bindings. So, when those of us working on The Clean Sweep Project were...

Softly, softly, catchee dustee

The Clean Sweep
by Nikki Ralston, Conservation Regular visitors may have wondered about what's been going on in our Trustees' Room in recent weeks - that's the room to the left of our main hall. Comings, goings and...