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Hallowe'en Barm Brack Recipe

Celebrate Hallowe'en with a vintage twist on the classic brack.

Friday, 27 October 2023
Handwritten Recipe for Barm Brack MS 9929 ca. 1800-1875

MS 9929 ca. 1800-1875

Barm brack is a Hallowe’en staple. Barm is another word for a type of yeast and brack comes from the Irish word “breac” which means speckled. Most recipes nowadays use dried fruit to provide the speckles but this recipe from NLI MS 9929 uses caraway seeds. Why not give this a go today?



Barm Brack Recipe (c. 1800-1875)

  1. Three quarts of flour, rub into it three ounces of butter six ounces of sugar,
  2. Some caraway seeds, make a hole in this put into it two eggs beat up to a froth, a Gill of barm, barm(?) in as much new milk as will wet(?) it.
  3. Work it up and let it rise and bake it on a griddle.

Note: We've done our best to decipher the beautiful handwriting on this recipe but if you have any insights or updates to the transcription above please drop us a line to info@nli.ie or send us a message on Social Media. Photos of any completed caraway barm bracks are actively encouraged also!

Handwritten Barm Brack Recipe

MS 9929 ca. 1800-1875