Irish Architectural Drawings

Doorcase design by M Stapleton, AD 2367Doorcase design by M Stapleton, AD 2367

The collection of architectural drawings principally covering the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, includes the work of James Gandon, Thomas Cooley, Francis Johnston, James Cavanah Murphy and Michael Stapleton.

The ground plans, elevations and sketches for public and private buildings include those for churches, schools and cottages, together with designs for architectural features, monuments and gardens. Many former landed estates are represented both in archives held by the Department of Manuscripts and architectural drawings in the Department of Prints and Drawings. These include estates of the families Vesey (Viscounts de Vesci), Dillon (Barons of Clonbrock) and Browne (Earls of Altamont and Marquesses of Sligo).

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Ceiling design by Michael Stapleton (AD 2255).
Ceiling design by Michael Stapleton (AD 2255).
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