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Irish Cartoons and Satires
This collection of satirical prints and original drawings from the 18th century to the present day covers political themes such as the Act of Union and the relationship between Ireland and Britain.

Irish Book Arts – Artists, Illustrators and Printmakers
Includes original illustrations by Margaret Gregory, Sophia Praeger and Harry Clarke among others, as well as a collection of engraved wood blocks by artist Harry Kernoff.

Irish Portrait Prints and Drawings
There are several thousand portrait prints many of which over 3,000 are of Irish interest. Other prints are after paintings by Irish artists and outstanding Irish printmakers are also represented.

Irish Topographical Prints and Drawings
Tracing the changing landscape of Ireland and Dublin in particular, over three centuries.

Irish Historical Prints and Drawings
Recording political, economic and social history in Ireland from the 1660s onwards including commemorative prints issued on the anniversaries of Irish historical events.

Irish Architectural Drawings
Contains architectural drawings principally covering the 18th and 19th centuries, including the work of James Gandon, Thomas Cooley and others.

British and Continental Prints
This gift of Dr Jaspar Joly has a particularly strong British and French focus and includes portraits, topography and military and historical events.

Other Major Collections
Other major collections include prints, drawings and watercolours by the Brocas family; original drawings and cartoons from the Joseph Holloway collection; original illustrations and designs by Norah McGuinness.
Ceiling design by Michael Stapleton (AD 2255).
Ceiling design by Michael Stapleton (AD 2255).
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