Lawrence Collection

The Lawrence Collection consists of 40,000 glass plate negatives from 1870-1914. The images were produced commercially and capture scenes of that period throughout Ireland. The bulk of the outdoor images were taken by Robert French, the Lawrences' chief photographer.

Eden Quay, Dublin ca. 1890 (Ref.: LROY3114).Eden Quay, Dublin ca. 1890 (Ref.: LROY3114).

The majority of images from all counties has been catalogued onto the Library's Online Catalogue and these are accompanied by scanned images of the photographs. Images which  have been catalogued  can be searched for using subject keywords such as 'evictions', 'fairs' and 'markets'. Most images (exluding the "New Series" part of the collection) may still be viewed on microfilm.

Digital Photographs

The entire Lawrence Royal and Cabinet collections (19,331 plates) has been digitised and may be viewed through the Online Catalogue.

Eblana Collection

This early collection of 3,000 glass plates is a precursor to the Lawrence Collection and many of the images were later used by the Lawrence studios. The original card catalogue has been copied and is now available in the Reading Room.

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Eviction, Moyasta, Co. Clare, ca. 1886-1890 (LROY 1767).
Eviction, Moyasta, Co. Clare, ca. 1886-1890 (LROY 1767).
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