The Board

The Board is appointed in accordance with the National Cultural Institutions Act, 1997 and for a term of 5 years.

Board MembersAppointment Date
Paul Shovlin, Chairman23-10-2015
Bob Collins30-09-2015
Ciara Breathnach30-09-2015
Conor Kostick30-09-2015
Eoin McVey (Royal Dublin Society nominee)11-11-2015
Jack Keyes 30-09-2015
James Dorgan30-09-2015
Jennifer Taaffe30-09-2015
Katherine McSharry (NLI staff nominee)19-11-2015
Maeve Conrick30-09-2015
Susan Philips (Royal Dublin Society nominee)11-11-2015 (re-appointment)
Susan Schreibman30-09-2015
Reading Room Detail
Reading Room Detail
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