Rules for Readers / Code of Practice

The following points highlighted are extracted from the full Rules and Code of Practice. Use of the Reading Rooms is at all times conditional on observing the Rules for Readers.

1. All persons consulting original items in the Reading Rooms must hold a valid Reader’s Ticket. A Reader’s Ticket for the National Library of Ireland will remain at all times the property of the Board of the National Library of Ireland, and may be withdrawn at any time for failure to comply with any of the rules of the Library.

2. Bags and outdoor coats and jackets must not be brought into the Reading Rooms.

3. Laptops, tablets, phones and other devices must be on silent mode, and must not cause any disturbance to other readers.

4. Pencils only are to be used in the Reading Rooms.

5. No food or drink is permitted in the Reading Rooms, as these are a potential source of damage to our collections.

6. You must comply with the instructions of Library staff for the safety and security of the collections and the buildings. Please treat staff and other readers with courtesy and respect at all times.

See the attached pdf document for the full Rules/Code of Practice.

Rules for Readers  Rules for Readers Aug 2013.pdf (0.08 MB, Adobe PDF)

Reading Room, main counter.
Reading Room, main counter.
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