Catalogues and Databases

Periodicals can be found in all of the main Library catalogues. As with books, the date of cataloguing (and not the date of the item in question) will determine where the periodical reference is to be found.

Guard books
The Guard books list items which were catalogued from the inception of the Library up to 1969.

Card catalogue
The card catalogue lists items which were catalogued between the years 1970 and 1990

Online catalogue
The Online Catalogue lists items which have been catalogued from 1990 to date. When using the online catalogue, please give regard to the fact that all periodicals should be accessible by using the search term ‘periodicals’ in the ‘Subject Keyword’ search. This can be further subdivided - by geographical area or topic for example. Thus a search using the terms ‘Clare’ with ‘ ‘Periodicals’ should be more specific than one simply using ‘Periodicals’. Similarly, adding the search term ‘History, Local’ can be a useful way of narrowing a search.

Sources: A National Library of Ireland database for Irish research contains 180,000 indexed records for Irish manuscripts catalogued up to 1989 and for articles, reviews and other content that appeared in over 150 Irish periodicals up to 1969.

Irisleabhar na Gaedhilge, Dublin 1882 - 1909
Irisleabhar na Gaedhilge, Dublin 1882 - 1909
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