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The National Library of Ireland joined the Flickr Commons  in June 2011 to give wider exposure to our images and encourage the public to add descriptions, tags and comments to our image collections.

The Library's images within The Commons have no known copyright restrictions; this means that the National Library of Ireland is not aware of any current copyright restrictions on the photographs, usually because the Library owns the copyright or the term of copyright has expired.

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Use of NLI images in the Commons

Images in our Commons photostream are available for research for a non-commercial purpose or private study. When using the images, please credit the National Library of Ireland and include the catalogue reference number of the item to help others access the original image or document.

If you are interested in high-quality reproductions, or commercial re-use of these images please contact Copying Services

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The National Library of Ireland also takes many photographs of current events, exhibitions and day-to-day life in the Library. These are shared in a separate Flickr Photostream.

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NLI Reference: INDH2970
NLI Reference: INDH2970
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