Timpeall na Tíre: Connect with your locality through our digitised collections

Timpeall na Tíre is an initiative that invites you to delve into the story of Ireland, as told through our rich and varied collections of digitised material.

We have more than 125,000 items digitised in our online catalogue relating to the history of cities, towns, villages and townlands across the island of Ireland. You can explore these items on our online catalogue.

Every week we are focusing on a specific county, featuring examples of our online holdings of photographs, manuscripts, prints and other ephemera relating to that county and inviting the public to connect and reconnect with their county and its history. 

Watch a short video of our Director, Dr Sandra Collins, inviting you to enjoy Timpeall na Tíre.

Watch a short video celebrating the counties in Connaught.

This video is also available in Irish.

At the moment, the focus is Ulster and the rich and varied collections of digitalised material from the province available through the Library’s online catalogue.

A video featuring the counties in Ulster can be watched here.

This video is also available in Irish.

Please share any interesting findings or observations on social media, using the hashtag #NLIonline, or by sending an email to info@nli.ie.

Main Entrance, Kildare St.
Main Entrance, Kildare St.
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