National Library welcomes new "Bit List" of at-risk digital materials

A ‘Bit List’ of the World’s Endangered Digital Species has been unveiled for the first time today as part of an international campaign to raise awareness of the need to preserve digital materials. Co-ordinated and published by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), the Bit List draws parallels with the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and identifies a number of data, software and storage types which, if appropriate action is not taken, could become ‘practically extinct.’

Dr Sandra Collins, Director of the National Library of Ireland, said:

 “I am delighted to see the Digital Preservation Coalition deliver this important list of endangered digital species. We agree that our digital heritage is at risk; preserving Ireland’s living national collection in digital form has become a strategic priority for us. We’re archiving the Irish web and preserving unique collections including digital photography and other creative work, and we’re very glad to see the importance of collecting these digital ephemera highlighted by the DPC.”

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Main Entrance, Kildare St.
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