SSNCI Annual Lecture: Possessing Ireland: George Petrie and the Translation of Landscape

Thursday 27 January, 7pm

Dr Elizabeth Tilley, NUIG

Irish artist George Petrie (1790-1866), painter, antiquarian, folklore collector, founder and co-editor of the Dublin Penny Journal and editor of the Irish Penny Journal, was in high demand at the beginning of the nineteenth century as an accomplished illustrator of Ireland’s urban and rural environment.

Petrie was trained as a landscape painter, but he adapted the style and formal elements of landscape painting in order to express a sense of cultural difference. The views he produced are ones that insist on the central importance of symbolic structures: architecture, land forms, human figures. ‘Visual possession’ of these physical aspects of Ireland was offered to a wide audience through the circulation of images as high art, as steel or copper engravings, and as wood-engraved illustrations in the penny press.

This lecture will discuss Petrie’s translations of media, reflecting his belief in the necessity for the visual preservation and wide ownership of a fast-disappearing landscape.  

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NLI Reference: CLON55
NLI Reference: CLON55
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