Can Literature be Therapy? In Conversation: Carlo Gébler and Edwin Higel

Thursday 21 January, 7pm

In Conversation: Carlo Gébler and Edwin Higel

Platform: Zoom

Author Carlo Gébler and publisher Edwin Higel believe that literature can be therapy. Following a sleepless night at the beginning of the lockdown the concept for Tales We Tell Ourselves was born. Selecting 28 tales from Boccaccio's the Decameron, this collection is masterfully retold for a contemporary readership whose experiences of the current pandemic mirror what Boccaccio’s characters endured.

Gébler’s central focus, as was Boccaccio’s before him; the fortifying and restorative powers of fiction in the face of tragedy. By looking to the past we can find hope for the future and this discussion will explore the Decameron, and its legacy, as a classic of literary therapy.

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NLI Reference: CLON55
NLI Reference: CLON55
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