The “Untranslatable” Finnegans Wake

Friday 15 June at 6.30pm

The “Untranslatable” Finnegans Wake finds plenty of Italian voices: from translators to actors, from passionate readers to singers and performers.
Join translators Fabio Pedone and Enrico Terrinoni as they discuss with journalist Edoardo Camurri the joys and sorrows of translating Finnegans Wake into Italian – and having plenty of fun in the process. Following this, Edoardo Camurri will interview Alessandro Bergonzoni, one of Italy’s most remarkable, visionary and adventurous actors.
 In partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute

This discussion will be conducted through Italian with English interludes.

Admission free. Booking required. Book here to reserve your place.

NLI Reference: CLON55
NLI Reference: CLON55
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