Lecture: 'things were beginning to buzz with optimism' - Leslie Daiken and Michael Sayers

Leslie Daiken and Michael Sayers: Irish Writers and the Thirties

Tuesday May 18, 7pm

Speaker: Katrina Goldstone

Leslie Daiken (1912-1964) and Michael Sayers (1911-2010)  were Irish Jewish writers who in the 1930s were part of a lively interwar cultural scene in London,  mixing in cultural and political circles with George Orwell, Dylan Thomas ,TS Eliot and Samuel Beckett.

The talk will draw on the extensive Daiken archive in the National Library to detail these literary friendships and uncover a hidden history of Irish writers and their interests, enthusiasms and political engagement in the Thirties. The talk is based on the book,  Irish Writers and the Thirties Art Exile and War  by Katrina Goldstone, published by Routledge.

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Katrina Goldstone is an independent researcher and communications professional and has written extensively on arts, culture, minorities, cultural diversity and Jewish history. She is a regular contributor to Irish national radio, commenting on Jewish history, the Holocaust, Anne Frank, cultural diversity and has worked as a researcher on a number of documentaries

NLI Reference: CLON55
NLI Reference: CLON55
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