Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Plan 2019-2021

We appreciate that meaningful and lasting change takes time and effort, and needs to be an intrinsic part of our organisational culture. To this end, we have published an Implementation Plan over the duration of the NLI’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy, and aligned it to our five strategic pillars: collect, protect, connect, innovate, collaborate.

The Implementation Plan is designed:

(i) to take onboard as many as possible of the suggestions we received during our first NLI Diversity and Inclusion Forum in early 2019;

(ii) to be a realistic and achievable plan that takes account of the resources and capabilities of the NLI; and

(iii) to help us to deliver on the commitments made in our NLI Diversity and Inclusion Policy 2018 – 2021.

NLI Diversity and Implementation Plan  NLI Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Plan 2019-2021.pdf (0 MB, Adobe PDF)

The Implementation Plan will shortly be available in Irish and a range of languages.  We welcome your feedback on the NLI's Diversity and Inclusion works so please email us at diversity@nli.ie

Main Building, exterior shot of entrance
Main Building, exterior shot of entrance
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