Exhibition Loans

The NLI may lend objects from its collections for temporary exhibitions in cultural institutions in Ireland and overseas. Formal applications must be submitted at least 6 months in advance of the opening date of the exhibition.

Approval of loan requests is contingent on the borrowing institution satisfying the NLI requirements in security, environmental conditions and on the availability, condition and rarity of the object.

Loaning and exhibiting objects poses a risk of potential damage. Therefore objects normally not subject to loan are those which are:

  • Very fragile
  • Light sensitive (where the intensity, duration and exposure will affect long-term preservation)
  • Requests for short-term events

Where it is not possible to loan original items we may be in a position to provide surrogates.

The NLI catalogue provides information on NLI collections. Images for reproduction can be obtained from Copying Services.

Please contact NLI Loans for further information.

Formal applications will be acknowledged within 3 weeks.

NLI Reference: MS G2 f. [22]r
NLI Reference: MS G2 f. [22]r
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