Diversity and Inclusion

The national collections tell the story of Ireland. How we collect and how we share and interpret these collections tell a story also. The National Library of Ireland has been building the national collections for over 140 years and over that time Irish society has changed and evolved. Social norms and the diversity of Irish society look very different now from 50 years ago.

The NLI has always been committed to equality. Our doors are open to all, and it is in this tradition that we now challenge ourselves to ensure that we reflect the change and diversity in what it means to be Irish. How we collect today will shape the story of Ireland in the future. How we engage with and present the national collections influences how people connect with their unique and living culture and heritage.

In publishing our Diversity and Inclusion Policy in 2018, and holding the first NLI Diversity and Inclusion Forum in early 2019, we have sought to set out clear, measurable and focused goals and actions that will ensure the NLI is a diverse and inclusive place for everyone.

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NLI Diversity and Inclusion Policy 2018-2021

NLI Diversity and Inclusion Forum  Report from the NLI Diversity and Inclusion Forum.pdf (0 MB, Adobe PDF)

NLI Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Plan 2019-2021

We welcome your feedback on the NLI's Diversity and Inclusion work so please email us at diversity@nli.ie.

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