The images in our photographic collections and our prints & drawings collections are an important resource for a wide variety of NLI users. A representative selection of these images has been digitised and can be accessed using our Online Catalogue. For more details about these collections  see the Collections section of this website.

Digital Photographs

The Library has undertaken an extensive project to digitise its' glass plate collections. The Lawrence (Royal & Cabinet), Poole Whole Plate Independent Newspapers  (1912 -1936), Clarke, Eason, Keogh, Stereo Pairs and Tempest  collections are currently accessible , at a low resolution and with basic information, including title, date and location where available, through the Digital Photographs database.

While the material has been digitised to archival standard, further work is required to exploit the full potential of these digital photographs. For example the information accompanying a number of the images has not yet been enhanced, which in practice means that some captions, which were transferred directly from original indexes/lists, are very brief and sometimes inaccurate.

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