Digital Resources

The National Library recognises the importance of developing the digital collections, services and infrastructure necessary to support the creation and management of a significant digital library. We aim to maximise access to our resources, enhance and expand the services we offer, and enable our users to work with us, and our collections, in new and innovative ways.

As part of our emerging digital library programme we are working on a number of major digitisation projects in particular the digitisation of substantial sections of our visual collections. The Library has digitised the Lawrence (Royal & Cabinet), Poole Whole Plate and Independent Newspapers (1912 -1936), Clarke, Eason, Keogh, Stereo Pairs and Tempest glass plate collections and these images are now accessible, at a low resolution and with basic information, through the Digital Photographs database.

In addition the Library has produced a digital version of the source material used to create two key reference works for Irish studies, Richard Hayes’ Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilization and Sources for the History of Irish Civilisation: Articles in Irish Periodicals.
Sources: A National Library of Ireland database for Irish research is now available online.

We will also continue to explore the potential for working with other institutions and projects, and to develop the digital library to support collaboration.