Collection Policy Review

An invitation to NLI users

We would like to invite you to participate in a review of the National Library of Ireland’s collecting policy.  The information below sets out the background to our work on the Collection Development Policy. 

We would very much welcome your views on this and look forward to hearing from you.

What is the National Library of Ireland’s Collection Development Policy?

The NLI’s Collection Development Policy sets out the principles guiding our collection development decisions.  It is supported by a series of guidelines for each of the Library’s curatorial divisions or collection areas.

Objective of this consultation

The NLI strives to collect inclusively so that our collections are as representative as possible of the diverse Irish experience.  Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy 2018-2021 expressly sets out, for the first time, the NLI’s commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive record of Ireland and to reviewing our collections policy through the lens of diversity and inclusion.

We believe that it is important that we seek the views of our collecting partners and the communities we serve as part of the process of revising our Collection Development Policy. As it is not possible to engage individually with all stakeholders, this consultation involves both a targeted consultation with a range of organisations and stakeholders and also an opportunity for all others to engage via the NLI website.

It is twelve years since we last formally consulted on the matter of the NLI’s collecting objectives.   On behalf of the Board and staff of the Library, we invite you to submit comments and observations on the draft Policy. Your views which will be reviewed by the Library’s management team along with the comments and observations received from other stakeholders.

Who is consultation aimed at?

This consultation is aimed at gathering stakeholder views and feedback on the NLI’s new Collection Development Policy.  We are keen to receive views and feedback from all users of the Library’s collections and services, whether online or in person.  We welcome contributions from donors and vendors of material, content creators (e.g. writers, journalists, photographers), publishers, community groups (including those connected by locality or local heritage, by ethnic background or by age), new Irish, families and groups representing families; the voluntary sector, visitors to our exhibitions, and the Irish diaspora worldwide.

How to make a submission?

A PDF of the draft Policy is attached for your consideration.  We invite you to make your submission, by email, by close of business on Friday 8 October.  The email address for your submission is

NLI Draft Collection Policy