Photographic Databases

These databases provide detailed indexes (not including images) of the following photographic collections:

The Lawrence Collection
The Lawrence Collection consists of glass plate negatives from 1870-1914. The images were produced commercially and capture scenes of that period throughout Ireland. The bulk of the outdoor images were taken by Robert French, the Lawrence's' chief photographer.

The Clonbrock Collection
The Clonbrock Collection contains over 2,000 glass plates spanning the years 1860-1930. The photographers were members of the Dillon family, Barons Clonbrock, of Ahascragh, Co. Galway, a family of enthusiastic amateur photographers (particularly Gerald Dillon and his wife Augusta Crofton Dillon). The images provide a substantial and varied pictorial record of life on a landed estate.

The O'Dea Collection
The O'Dea Collection contains 5,350 photographic prints (with corresponding film negatives) covering all aspects of railway transport in Ireland, between 1937 and 1966. The photographs were all taken by James P. O'Dea, a devoted railway enthusiast, and subjects include locomotives, railway stations and bridges, as well as railway staff and passengers.

The Poole Collection
The Poole Collection contains images taken by the family firm of AH Poole in Waterford during the period 1884-1945. The primary source is a collection of 145 books, containing over 43,000 pictures. There are collections of negatives (2000 altogether) in two different sizes. Finally there is a collection of 4500 whole plate images.

Belfast Barricades, September 1969 (INDBF969 10[17]).
Belfast Barricades, September 1969 (INDBF969 10[17]).
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