Applying for a Grant of Arms

Arms may be granted by the Chief Herald of Ireland to those who meet one of the criteria below:

- A citizen of Ireland or a person who has an entitlement to become a citizen

- A person resident in the State for at least the five-year period immediately before the date of application

- A public or local authority, corporate body or other entity which has been located or functioning in Ireland for at least five years

- An individual, corporate body or other entity not resident or located in Ireland but who or which has substantial historical, cultural, educational, financial or ancestral connections with Ireland

Making an application for a Grant of Arms

An application for a grant of arms should be made to the Chief Herald, on the prescribed form, setting out, in the case of a personal application, basic personal information and accompanied by supporting certificates or other appropriate documents. For a grant of arms to a corporate body or other entity, the application should include information about the legal status (if any) of the organisation, its structure, its activities and business, the length of time during which it has operated and, if relevant, information about membership. Where appropriate, a certified copy of the resolution of the Council, Board, or other controlling body should be submitted.

If an application appears to be in order the matter is considered in detail by a herald of arms who will consult with the applicant about possible designs. A preliminary painting is then made for the approval of the applicant who will also be shown a draft of the Letters Patent. The final document is issued on vellum and includes a hand-painted exemplification of the arms. The grant of arms is recorded in the Register of Arms and is a matter of public record.


Personal grant or confirmation of arms€4400
Local authorities, Government Offices and Agencies€8600
Schools, Clubs, Professional Associations and other non-profit organisations€8600
Corporate bodies (commercial)€17250

The sum of €400 is payable when making the application; half of the remaining fee is payable when work on the design begins; the balance must be paid before work on the actual grant of arms can begin.

Recent Grants of Arms

A selection of recent grants and confirmations of arms can be viewed here:

Recently granted arms  A selection of recently granted and confirmed Arms_July2016.pdf (2.68 MB, Adobe PDF)

Grant of arms to Michael Flatley, 2015
Grant of arms to Michael Flatley, 2015
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