Diversity and Inclusion Policy 2018-2021

Published in June 2018, the NLI’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy sets out the organisation’s key priorities and objectives in becoming more inclusive, accessible and representative in its activities and services.

The NLI’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy aligns with the organisation’s 2016-2021 Strategy, which sets out the organisation’s strategic direction across five pillars: collect, protect, connect, innovate and collaborate.

A focused and strategic action plan, the NLI’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy sets out to create a more diverse and inclusive story of Ireland, so that new voices are collected and shared with the world, and so that everyone will feel welcome in the National Library of Ireland.

The NLI Diversity & Inclusion Policy 2018-2021 is available in a range of languages:

The Policy is also available in Braille and Hindi upon request.

We welcome your feedback on the NLI's Diversity and Inclusion work so please email us at diversity@nli.ie.