The 100 Archive

The 100 Archive is a platform for the Irish graphic design community. It was established to make visible and benchmark the breadth and quality of visual communication happening in Ireland and by Irish designers abroad. By selecting and presenting 100 Irish graphic design projects of excellence each year through an open submission process, it provides an essential design and cultural resource for individual designers, the design industry, collaborators, clients and the public. It is an entirely new model – providing a valuable contemporary resource, building a confident and connected community while actively creating a rich, detailed and well-indexed history. You can find out more here: The 100 Archive

In 2018, the National Library of Ireland Web Archive and The 100 Archive began a partnership to preserve Irish website design. 10 websites from the 100 Archive's overall selections (across print and digital design from small flyers to major identity projects and everything in between) from 2010 to 2014 were selected to be archived and preserved by the National Library of Ireland for future generations to come. Each year a further 10 websites are selected for inclusion in the NLI Web Archive.

All these sites are preserved and made openly available online in the National Library’s Selective Web Archive in a dedicated 100 Archive collection .

In 2017, The 100 Archive also contributed to the NLI’s Irish Domain Web Archive by supplying a list of websites by Irish designers both at home and abroad.