Croydon Park

Croydon House, the ITGWU recreation centre, was situated in Croydon Park. On 31 August 1913, "Bloody Sunday", Dublin Trades Council held a meeting in Croydon Park for ITGWU members in an attempt to avoid trouble on O'Connell Street. This succeeded in attracting strikers out of the city centre, but ultimately did not prevent violence.

In November 1913, the Irish Citizen Army was formed to defend ITGWU demonstrations. Capt Jack White drilled and trained ICA members at Croydon Park at this time. This was also the location where, on 18 January 1914, Larkin advised ITGWU members to return to work on the best terms available.

The area where Croydon House once stood is now part of a suburb on the northside of the city known as Marino. Marino is approximately 15 minutes' drive from the National Library of Ireland.

The Irish Citizen Army was founded in November 1913. New recruits were drilled at Croydon Park. This recruiting leaflet indicates that from its beginning the ICA was committed to Irish national sovereignty as well as workers' rights.

Croydon House was demolished in the mid-1920s to make way for the Marino housing scheme. Several modern street names in the residential neighbourhood retain the Croydon name.