Mountjoy Prison

During the Lockout many union members and leaders were imprisoned in Mountjoy Prison in Phibsboro. Famously arrested on "Bloody Sunday", Jim Larkin was sentenced to seven months for sedition in October, but spent less than three weeks in Mountjoy Prison. His early release was the result of government intervention.

James Connolly was imprisoned in Mountjoy in September 1913 and mounted a hunger and thirst strike which led to his release. This image dates from the War of Independence when prisioners in Mountjoy used similar hunger strike tactics.

Mountjoy Prison is located in Phibsboro, Dublin 7. It is approximately 15 minutes' drive from the National Library of Ireland.

Following his release from Mountjoy Prison, Larkin was given a hero’s welcome by delighted supporters at Liberty Hall, as captured in this image published by the Illustrated London News (22 November 1913).

Today, Mountjoy Prison is a medium security prison for males aged 17 years and over. It is the largest penal institution in the State.