Dublin City Hall

In 1913, the city of Dublin was managed from Dublin City Hall, on Dame Street. Dublin Corporation was led by Lord Mayor Lorcan Sherlock of the Irish Party.

After two tenement buildings on Church Street collapsed, a government housing inquiry was held here, in public. The inquiry uncovered the extent of poverty in the city and revealed that 17 elected councillors were slum landlords.

Sherlock also called for an inquiry into the events of "Bloody Sunday", which was finally held in January 1914, though regarded as a whitewash by many.

Dublin City Hall is located next to Dublin Castle on Dame St., Dublin 2. It is approximately 15 minutes' walk from the National Library of Ireland.

Slum owners were depicted as a threat to the poor. Amongst their number were 17 city councillors, whose names and property holdings were published in the findings of the government housing inquiry.

Dublin City Council moved to purpose-built headquarters on Wood Quay in 1994. The City Hall was restored and now houses the "Story of the Capital", a multimedia exhibition on the history of Dublin.