Independent Newspaper Offices

WM Murphy mounted a media assault on Larkin and the workers' cause from "Independent House": the offices of his newspapers the Irish Independent and the Sunday Independent. In addition to print articles, the Sunday Independent's front page cartoon was also used for this purpose. Other Murphy-owned titles included the Irish Catholic and the Freeman's Journal. Many Irish Independent workers were sacked for ITGWU membership during 1913.

The ITGWU's Irish Worker could compete in terms of Dublin readership, but Murphy's titles won the national media war and undermined any wider support that may have existed for the workers.

The former Independent Newspaper Offices are located on Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1. The building is approximately 15 minutes' walk from the National Library of Ireland.

“Bang! Goes Jim” (Sunday Independent 30 November 1913) depicts the failure of Larkin's Fiery Cross campaign to win wider support from British Trade Union members.

The five-storey Independent House served as the HQ and printing works for Independent News & Media until the early 2000s. In April 2013 it was announced that clothing retailer Primark is to acquire the building.