Glasnevin Cemetery

On 3 September 1913, thousands followed James Nolan's coffin to Glasnevin Cemetery where two hundred tramway men formed a guard of honour.

Nolan, a 33 year old labourer, had suffered fatal injuries during rioting on Eden Quay on 30 August.

Several prominent figures associated with the Lockout are buried at Glasnevin Cemetery, including Jim Larkin (1876-1947), William Martin Murphy (1844-1919) and Archbishop Walsh (1841-1921).

Glasnevin Cemetery is located on Finglas Rd., Glasnevin, Dublin 7. It is approximately 25 minutes' drive from the National Library of Ireland.

This image shows crowds watching the the funeral procession of Archbishop Walsh en route to Glasnevin Cemetry in 1921. Thousands also lined Dublin's streets in 1947, following the death of Jim Larkin.

Today, in addition to providing funeral and burial services, the cemetery is home to the Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, which explores the history of the site and the lives of those who are buried there.