Catalogues and Databases

Prints and drawings acquired since 1996 are catalogued online, many with accompanying digitised images. There is also an ongoing programme to include all material acquired prior to this date in the online catalogue. This involves converting the two published catalogues and architectural drawings index to the online catalogue, and also cataloguing material online where no publicly available records existed previously. Until this is completed it is necessary to check both the online catalogue and the published prints & drawings catalogues for comprehensive searching.

Online Catalogue
Search the Prints & Drawings section of our Online Catalogue. Many records are accompanied by scanned images.

Published Prints & Drawings catalogues

  • Catalogue of Irish Topographical Prints and original drawings. Edited by Rosalind Elmes, Revised and enlarged by Michael Hewson. Dublin: Malton Press for the National Library of Ireland Society, 1975.
  • Catalogue of engraved Irish Portraits mainly in the Joly collection and of original drawings. Edited by Rosalind Elmes, Dublin: Stationery Office, 1937.

Architectural Drawings Card Index
A card index arranged by county is located in the Catalogue Room in the main Library building, Kildare Street.

Still cannot find the image you are looking for? Check other historic visual collections of Irish interest listed on the Prints & Drawings links section.

[Men rowing a boat with a torch] by Robert Gregory. 3040 TX 21(B).
[Men rowing a boat with a torch] by Robert Gregory. 3040 TX 21(B).
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