If I Were a Blackbird: An exhibition on the lives of Thomas J Kiernan and Delia Murphy.

This exhibition celebrates the lives of the late Dr TJ Kiernan (Ireland’s first Ambassador to Australia) and his wife Delia Murphy, the renowned singer of such traditional songs as The Spinning Wheel, The Moonshiner  and Thank You Ma’am Says Dan. It uses photographs, drawings, books and records to tell the story of the lives of the Kiernans who during their years in Canberra sought to encourage a sense of pride in the Irish-Australian community; they emphasised the Irish role in the development of Australia and, equally, the role of Irish-Australians in the Irish quest for independence. In 2007,  a version of the exhibition was displayed in the National Museum of Australia, Canberra.

Content and Format

The exhibition comprises of 8 portable display stands. The stands are lightweight and portable.

Dimensions: Height – 205cm; Width – 85cm; Weight – Approx 5kg

  1. Title stand: If I Were A Blackbird with image of Delia Murphy and Thomas J Kiernan
  2. I’d whistle and sing - An exhibition on the lives of Delia Murphy and Thomas J Kiernan. Commemorating 60 years of Irish diplomatic representation in Australia.
  3. 1897 – 1924 Dublin, Mayo, Galway
  4. 1924 – 1945 London, Dublin, Rome
  5. 1946 – 1950 Australia
  6. 1950 – 1954 Australia (continued)
  7. 1955 – 1964 Germany, Canada, USA, Ireland
  8. Well So Now To Conclude I Give Thanks - Acknowledgements

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