James Bourchier - a life dedicated to Bulgaria (Loan exhibition)

Front Hall, Main Library

Monday 22 September - Friday 10 October

James David Bourchier (1850–1920) – an Irish journalist and political activist - was born in Baggotstown near Limerick, and and was educated at Portora Royal School (Enniskillen), then graduated from Trinity College Dublin and finally Cambridge University. He made his first trip to the Balkans in 1888 after which his life and career became closely associated with the consolidation of the young Bulgarian state and the historic events in the Balkans at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century.

James BouchierJames Bouchier

James Bourchier Bourchier's sympathy for the young Balkan nations made him a champion of their national causes. Bourchier's name became largely known, when he served as Balkan correspondent of The Times between 1890 and 1915. During most of this period Bourchier lived and worked in Sofia. His profound knowledge of the region earned him respect among local politicians and allowed him to act on several occasions as intermediary in Bulgarian, Balkan and European politics. In numerous political essays, reports and private correspondence, Bourchier repeatedly voiced sympathy and support for Bulgaria and its people.

After his death in Sofia in 1920, James Bourchier was buried near the historic Rila Monastery in Bulgaria. This documentary exhibition told Bourchier's story using extracts from his journalism and correspondence.

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