Leaving Cert History at the NLI

Leaving Certificate History Workshop and Tour

The aim of this tour and workshop is to introduce students to the National Library’s collection as well as enhancing their understanding of how historians work.  
Specifically developed for the Leaving Certificate History Course and in particular:

• the documents based question
• the special topic project

This hands-on workshop will give students an opportunity to engage with primary and secondary sources such as photographs, letters, and posters relating to the 1916 Rising and World War One. They will be encouraged to research and interpret these sources. By doing so, they will be introduced to a range of issues such as bias, objectivity and how new evidence or new insights can lead to new interpretations.

An introduction to the Reading Room is also available. Students will gain an understanding of the collections and how to access material. Students will also be shown how to become a Reader as well as how to research at the library. This will be of particular interest to students researching Irish history for their special topic project.

To book any of these workshops/tours please contact: learning@nli.ie

To help you make the most of our collections we have prepared the following guide

Researching at the NLIResearching at the NLI

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