Ordnance Survey Ireland Map Collection

As well as a very large number of printed and manuscript maps, the National Library has an extensive collection of Ordnance Survey Maps. Initially maps were acquired as part of the Joly and RDS collections – the foundation collections of the Library. Since then the Library’s Ordnance Survey Collection has been added to under the terms of copyright legislation and holdings now amount to over 47,000 maps, from the earliest maps produced by the Ordnance Survey to those published today.

OSI Map Conservation Project

The Library’s collection of early Ordnance Survey maps were bound into over 1000 large volumes, (similar in size to hardcopy newspapers). To consult a single map it was necessary to retrieve the entire volume for that county – a process which was both cumbersome and greatly increased wear and tear on the collection.

In February 2002 a conservation project began,  removing maps from their existing bindings, many of which were in very poor condition, and rehousing them in folders. This considerably improved the storage conditions and long-term preservation of the collection, and has made it easier for readers to consult individual map sheets. Maps processed in the conservation project can be viewed by appointment. All conserved maps are individually listed by sheet in the OSI Maps Database. A summary listing by county can be downloaded here:

Conserved OSI Maps List  Conserved_OSI_Maps_List_April06.pdf (0.01 MB, Adobe PDF)

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Panoramic View of Co. Wicklow and of the City ... of Dublin, c. 1850s
Panoramic View of Co. Wicklow and of the City ... of Dublin, c. 1850s
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