Ongoing indexing, digitising, copying and cataloguing projects ensure that the photographs in our care are becoming increasingly accessible to the public. However, it should be noted that there are a number of collections that cannot be made available to researchers at present. See the Accessing Photographs section to find out how to consult Photograph Collections

There follows a listing of some of the better known collections in the Archive, please follow the links to find out more about a specific collection.

Valentine Collection
This topographical collection comprises 3,000 negatives from the period 1900 – 1960, it covers the Republic of Ireland.

Wiltshire Collection
A collection of 1,000 negatives and 300 prints covering a period of 20 years from 1951, and the bulk of the images feature Dublin. Other subjects covered are Patrick Kavanagh and the Travelling Community.

Lawrence Collection
This a topographical collection of some 40,000 glass plate negatives, it covers the period 1870 - 1914.

O'Dea Collection
There are 5,500 prints and corresponding negatives in this collection of railway photographs covering the period 1937 – 1977.

Other Collections
Details on other notable collections including the Casement Collection, the Chandler Collection, the Tilbrook Collection and the Congested Districts Board Collection.
Eviction, Moyasta, Co. Clare, ca. 1886-1890 (LROY 1767).
Eviction, Moyasta, Co. Clare, ca. 1886-1890 (LROY 1767).
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