Poole Collection

The family firm of A.H. Poole operated as commercial photographers in Waterford during the years 1884-1954. This large collection of glass plates contains studio portraits of people from Waterford and reflects the social and economic life of the city.

The original order books have been microfilmed and act as an index to the original collection. Catalogue entries for over 7,300 size glass plate negatives are available on the Library's Online Catalogue , some with images attached. The collection is also searchable through  an online database.

Digital Photographs

A subset of the Poole Collection known as the Poole Whole Plates has been digitised and are available through the Online Catalogue. These images illustrate the diverse nature of this collection covering life in the south east of Ireland from the nineteenth to the twentieth century. The images from the exhibition Poole’s Photographic Stores are also available on the online catalogue.

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Eviction, Moyasta, Co. Clare, ca. 1886-1890 (LROY 1767).
Eviction, Moyasta, Co. Clare, ca. 1886-1890 (LROY 1767).
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