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Posters and Proclamations
A collection of approximately 3600 posters and large proclamations from the 16th century to the 1950s.

Empire Marketing Board Posters
Posters designed by the Irish artists Margaret Clarke and Seán Keating for the Empire Marketing Board, 1929-1930.

World War I Recruiting Posters
A collection of over 50 Irish and British recruiting posters from WWI.

St. Sepulchre’s Press Archive
A complete set of the publications of the St. Sepulchre’s Press hand press, printed between 1964-1992.

Holloway Theatre Collection
A collection of theatre programmes, posters and playbills ca. 1880-1944, collected by the renowned theatregoer Joseph Holloway.

LO Folders
A collection of approximately 900 Government Proclamations from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century.

Other Collections
Includes the Harry Clarke Collection, Taylor 1798 Printings Collection, Niall Murphy Postcard Collection, and the Cigarette Cards Collection.

Modern Ephemera
A collection of representative modern ephemera from the 1950s to the present day.
Detail from an Empire Marketing Board poster by Margaret Clarke (EMB/4).
Detail from an Empire Marketing Board poster by Margaret Clarke (EMB/4).
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