Taking Stock: the National Photographic Archive from 1998

Taking Stock opens at the National Photographic Archive (NPA) in Temple Bar, Dublin on 5 October 2012. This exhibition is the NPA’s first retrospective and is all about what and how the NPA has exhibited since we opened in 1998. 

In those 14 years, we’ve displayed some 3,000 prints, using a variety of presentations. Taking Stock re-presents just 68 of these original copy prints, as hung in their original frames. This exhibition reflects the amazing richness of the National Photographic Archive's collections, which range in date from the beginnings of photography in 1839, to the present. The photos capture almost every imaginable topic. As well as viewing photographs from the National  Library of Ireland’s photographic collections, visitors can also see examples of NPA curatorial and preservation activities and plans for future projects.

Taking Stock is based around four broad though inter-connected themes: Employment and Travel; Notable Occasions; Photographic Process; and Leisure and Creativity. We’ve also presented a range of historic photographic equipment so you can compare older methods with how you take photographs today. 
The exhibition is free to visit, and continues until Sunday 26 May. 
Monday to Saturday:  10am to 4.45pm
Sunday:  12pm to 4.45pm

Admission is free