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In summer 1914 a war broke out in Europe that would change the world forever. In Ireland, many supported the cause and joined up or travelled to serve in nursing and auxiliary services. Others objected to the war on moral, social or political grounds. By the time the conflict ended in 1918, its impact had been felt through the length and breadth of the country.

World War Ireland is a free exhibition at the National Library of Ireland that focuses on the unique aspects of the Irish WWI experience. Running from November 2014 through to early 2019, the exhibition draws on the NLI’s collections of letters, diaries, recruiting posters, newspaper reports, cartoons, handbills and leaflets dating from 1914-1918.

With original artefacts, first hand personal accounts and eyewitness testimony, World War Ireland brings visitors dramatically inside the lives of those who experienced WWI.

Explore WWIreland at 2/3 Kildare Street  -  FREE ENTRY

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