Pearse House: Village in the City

'Pearse House: Village in the City'

National Photographic Archive

Thursday, 8 August and Sunday, 6 October

Jeanette Lowe’s photographic exhibition 'Pearse House: Village in the City' is dually located in the National Photographic Archive (NPA) in Temple Bar and in Pearse House Flats (about 1.5kms away). Experience the unique environment of the flats and the people who lived there through Lowe’s contemporary photographs, which are exhibited alongside hundreds of old photographs donated by local people. 

Winner of the People's Choice Award Photo Ireland 2012 Festival

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Admission is free

Opening Times

Mon - Sat: 10am - 4.45pm
Sunday: 12pm - 4.45pm

School Tours

Although primarily an art exhibition Village in the City has a very educational social history story to tell of the many people who have lived in the center of Dublin city since the turn of the last century. Pearse House flats were built in the early 1930s as a partial answer to the housing crisis first identified in 1913 where people were living in overcrowded, unsanitary tenements all over Dublin. The flats were designed by the celebrated architect Herbert Simms and contain many Art Deco features. At the time of building they were considered ‘state of the art’ and actually cost more to build per unit than it would have cost to build individual houses.

Many people who still live in the flats (and indeed in many other city center social housing) can trace their families back to the turn of the last century living in the same area. The people of the flats are mainly ignored in Irish history and this exhibition aims to celebrate both the people and the beautiful buildings themselves and their histories.

Jeanette Lowe is available to do a number of Educational tours for schools for the duration of her exhibition (exhibition runs until 6 October). Talks will take place at the NPA and visits to the flat can also be organised .Tours are free.

Please contact Jeanette Lowe directly to arrange a tour Jeanette Lowe

087 2164 366

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