Readers' Tickets

The National Library of Ireland collects and makes available the shared memory of the Irish Nation at home and abroad, caring for more than 10 million items, including books, manuscripts, newspapers, prints, drawings, ephemera, photographs, and increasingly, digital media. 

Anyone over 16 years of age who wishes to use NLI collections should apply for a readers’ ticket. A reader’s ticket is valid for three years and gives readers access to all our collections. You must bring your ticket with you when using the reading rooms, as original material will not be issued to you without it.

A reader’s ticket is not required to access newspapers or other items on microfilm.

Please note that the NLI is not a lending library. You must consult our material in the reading rooms.

Readers using the reading rooms have access to a wide range of web resources including the Irish Newspaper Archive, JSTOR Ireland collection and the Dictionary of Irish Biography online.

Wi-Fi access in the reading rooms is available to registered readers.

Readers Ticket Office opening hours:

Monday:  10.30-12.30, 2.00-4.00 & 5.00-7.45.

Tues-Fri: 10.30-12.30 & 2.00-4.00.

Saturday: 9.30-12.45.

What you should bring

All applicants must produce a form of photographic identification. Acceptable forms of identification include a passport, driver’s licence, student card, social security card, travel pass and employment ID.

Applying for a reader’s ticket and using the Reading Rooms

You can apply for your ticket in the Readers Ticket Office in our Main Building.  It only takes a few minutes to process an application and issue a ticket. You will need to complete an online registration form. We will then check your form of identification, take your photograph and provide you with a reader’s ticket. 

Use of our Reading Rooms is at all times conditional on observing the Rules for Readers.

Renewing your reader’s ticket

You can renew your ticket in the Readers Ticket Office. Please bring your most recent reader’s ticket with you. If the expiry date is greater than 12 months, you will also need to produce a form of photographic identification.

Lost tickets

If you lose your reader’s ticket, you will need to apply for a new ticket in the Readers Ticket Office.  Please bring a form of identification with you.