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The National Library of Ireland offers tours and workshops of our exhibitions and collections that can be carried out in our library and in the classroom. Here you will find information about organising a school trip to the NLI, using our online exhibitions and the workshops that are available to download.

Booking a tour/workshop

Tours and workshops of the Yeats and Lockout exhibitions can be booked for Tuesday  and Thursday mornings by appointment only.  Please choose from the exhibition tours and workshops listed below and email your booking to the Learning and Outreach department, at It is possible to arrange self-guided visits to the exhibitions; we advise pre-booking such a vist.

Yeats: the life and works of William Butler Yeats

Here you can find information about the tour and the workshops we offer primary schools visiting the Yeats exhibition.  We have also included some information about WB Yeats to help prepare for your visit. Alternatively it is possible to download a Yeats trail which is fillled with activities and puzzles to guide you around the exhibition or the online exhibition.

Yeats in the class room
The Lake Isle of InnisfreeThe Lake Isle of Innisfree

The Yeats exhibition is also available online.  Here you will find information about how to use our Yeats online exhibition  and a range of activities that can be carried out in the classroom including the Yeats trail. The Yeats trail is filled with puzzles and questions to guide you around the exhibition.  It can be used in the Yeats exhibition in the NLI or can be used to navigate our online exhibition.

See more of the National Library's images - in your classroom!

You can explore the treasures of the National Library in your own classroom - many of the our treasures are featured on the website Discover your National Library online exhibition and in our online catalogue.

Small Lives
Classroom in WaterfordClassroom in Waterford

Small Lives, a photographic exhibition of Irish childhood from 1880 to 1970  took place in the National Library - Photographic Archive, Meeting House Square, Temple Bar from August 2011 - May 2012.  Although the exhibition is now finished, you can follow the exhibition activity trail which is available below and view the photographs.   

Small Lives in the class room

 You can view the photographs on our flickr site and complete the worksheet in class.

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Primary Education at the NLI
Primary Education at the NLI
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