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Card Catalogues & Indexes

Currently the majority of items from the music collections do not appear on the library’s online catalogue. Approximately 19,000 items from the Joly and Additional Music collections are recorded in a card catalogue, which can be consulted in the main Reading Room. A separate printed index for the Joly Music collection  and Toomey's  Miscellaneous Song Index  are available for consultation in the Main Reading Room.

Online Catalogue

A number of  records which  have been transferred from older card catalogues and lists to the Library’s main Online Catalogue  are searchable under the name of the composer or title of piece. In addition there are entries for some items from the Joly collection under the author heading ‘Joly, Jaspar’.

Printed books on music history, biography, bibliography and theory can also be searched for on the main online catalogue by title, name, or by subject headings such as ballads, music, musicians, opera, songbooks or songs.

Manuscript music can be searched in Sources: A National Library of Ireland database for Irish research which contains catalogue records for Irish manuscripts catalogued up to 1989. Recently acquired music manuscripts are searchable on the Online Catalogue.

Five Songs from  "And so to Bed ", composed by Herbert Hughes. London, c. 1926
Five Songs from "And so to Bed ", composed by Herbert Hughes. London, c. 1926
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