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JFK Homecoming (6/20/2013)
Are you ready for JFK Homecoming? The exhibition will be open on Thursday afternoon and will run until 15 August.

"Discover Lifelines Exhibition" at the Nabokov Museum in St Petersburg (6/13/2013)
Should you find yourself in St Petersburg this Summer visit the "Discover Lifelines Exhibition"

Irish Press Microfilm available on self-service (6/13/2013)
Irish Press microfilm now avialable on self-service

“Home Improvements: Responding to Poverty in the West, 1891-1923” at Galway City Museum (6/7/2013)
What might it have been like to live in the West of Ireland between 1891 and 1923?

Studentship Competition (6/4/2013)
Please click on this link for Application Forms and Information Sheets

Launch of JFK Homecoming website (5/31/2013)
JFK Homecoming website launched

“Ireland from Maps” on display in Leitrim (5/28/2013)
Visit St. George's Heritage Centre in Carrick-on-Shannon and learn more about the History of Irish maps.

Discover your National Library Exhibition (5/23/2013)
Last chance to see the exhibition Discover your National Library

Thank You to our Donors (5/21/2013)
Group of 1916 – related postcards recently donated to our Ephemera Collection

"Gallant Sons – Irishmen and the First World War” (5/20/2013)
What might it have been like to fight in World War One? "Gallant Sons – Irishmen and the First World War” on display in Roscommon

WWI Recruiting Poster
WWI Recruiting Poster
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