Discover Exhibition Closing Temporarily

Please note that a new phase of Discover your National Library  entitled Particles of the Past  located at 2 Kildare St is being installed from next Monday 13 February. The exhibition will be closed from that date until Sunday 26 February inclusive.

About the Exhibition

Our multimedia exhibition Discover your National Library invites you behind the scenes to view amazing never-before-seen treasures from our collections, and hear from the staff that look after them. By using our innovative 'Discovery' touchscreen tables, you can zoom in on the detail of thousands of rare and beautiful items.

This February, to celebrate Dublin City of Science 2012, Phase Four of the exhibition Particles of the Past will showcase a fascinating selection of science-related gems. From 17th century home remedies to early archaeological drawings to Captain Cook’s journal, this exhibition is sure to awaken your inner Einstein. 

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WWI Recruiting Poster
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