Top social media award for National Library of Ireland

The 11th Annual Ireland eGovernment Awards took place on 25 April 2012 in

Dublin Castle, Dublin.

eGovernment Award 2012eGovernment Award 2012

 The National Library of Ireland has been declared outright winner of the Ireland eGovernment Social Media Award for its work on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr Commons and mixed content Flickr stream, as well as for its blog content.   Among the other organisations shortlisted in the award’s Social Media category were The Defence Forces; Bord Gáis Energy Book Club Social Media Support Campaign – Bord Gáis Energy; Give Blood Awardness – Irish Blood Transfusion Service; the Road Safety Authority. 

 Among the criteria used to judge the National Library’s performance were an evaluation of its use of innovative social media platforms and networks to promote or communicate government services; the way in which the National Library utilized social media to meet the organisation’s goals and objectives; how it used social media to deliver efficiencies and savings and, in particular, how its use of social media improved overall National Library services and communications, based on specific goals.  The Ireland eGovernment Awards, now in their 11th year, are run jointly by the Public Sector Times newspaper and web usage and web strategy experts Elucidate.

 Those of you who already follow us on our various Social Media channels are probably familiar with what we get up to, but if the fact that we use Social Media here at the National Library of Ireland is news to you, then you might like to check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr Commons and our other Flickr stream, or read our NLI Blog...

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