Newly released letters by Roger Casement - now available online

The National Library of Ireland (NLI) has released a number of letters written by Roger Casement while awaiting execution for treason at Pentonville Prison in 1916.

Casement, one of the most controversial figures in Irish history, was a British diplomat by profession and was also well known as a poet, human rights campaigner and Irish nationalist.
Included in this extraordinarily moving group of materials are his final letter to his family, written on the eve of his execution; the annotated hymn and prayer book given to him by an Irish friend during his incarceration in Pentonville; a number of letters that he wrote to his family in the weeks before his execution; the notice from the Court of Criminal Appeal advising of the dismissal of his appeal on which Casement notes his observations on the case against him; documents relating to the ‘degradation’ of his knighthood, and other honours, with Casement’s notes on this; photographs; his cousin Gertrude’s admission card to the Court of Criminal Appeal to attend the trial; and a number of memorial cards and letters of condolence.

All of the recently released Casement material has been catalogued, and key items can be viewed online today through the NLI’s catalogue through this link.

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