Pearse House: Village In The City at the NPA

Pearse House: Village In The City

National Photographic Archive Gallery and Pearse House Flats: 8th August, 2013 – 6th October, 2013.

This exhibition of photographs by Jeanette Lowe was opened on 30 August by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Oisín Quinn.

Dually located in the National Photographic Archive, Temple Bar, and also, a short walk away, in a wonderfully re-created 1930s flat in Pearse House Flats, the exhibition showcases the people and environment of the flats through Lowe’s beautiful contemporary photographs exhibited alongside hundreds of old photographs.

Pearse House: Village in the City, actually brings elements of the flats into the gallery. By building a ‘ring’ or tree guard complete with concrete base and live tree, the artists recreates one of the places from the flats where people met to talk, rest or play cards in years gone by. A red cooker, found in a recently vacated flat stands beside a photograph of it in its original setting. The artist has also painted the stairs of the gallery in a version of ‘Corporation Green’ complete with graffiti to represent the stairwells found in the flats.

Lowe wants us to engage with the people of the flats and invites us into Pearse House itself to see how her grandmother might have lived in a wonderfully re-created 1930s flat. Photographs, of current and past residents, adorn the ‘granny print’ wallpaper and antique furniture and bare wooden floors create a genuinely authentic sense of past times.

The exhibition, which is free to all,  is supported by Dublin City Council

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